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Okay - I'm on the soap-box for nutritional work to keep cancer at bay.....'cuz every time I read of a recurrence, it scares the hell out of me (and I am really sad for the on-site person or their loved one). There are people here who have had tumors disappear; and that is amazing -- and believable.
If nothing else, check it out.Try a few changes: maybe just take out refined white flour and/or sugar or red meat; when that is easy enough and doable, take out more things which are premade and add a more plant-based diet; if that works, try JambaJuice for a bit until having a juicer at home feels comfortabe. But, everything in good time and working with lifestyles.
It's just a thought; and we don't have anything to lose -- and maybe years to gain!! And Lord knows, one can take days off for good behavior....:-)
All the best - Maura (who thinks that there is more than one way to solve this yucky cancer-puzzle)


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    I'll agree with that Maura...and give the cans of fruit/vegies and all the other canned stuff that has preservatives in it "the flick" too!
    Too many things these days are artificial.
    Exception; I won't hold it against all our Palooza reunionists if they "eat tha wrong stuff" in Vegas...we'll just give 'em hell when they get back...watcha think Maura? lol!
    huggs, Ross n Jen
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    Struth!!...lookit tha time...its 12.30am...I gotta gets some zzzzzz's.
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    I'm new to the board and have recently finished chemo - so now I am feeling stronger and starting to think about changing my diet.
    Can you recommend websites or books that are good starting points for me?