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my mum has non small cell lung cancer, she survived small cell lung cancer 8 years ago. She is ending her first phase of treatment and she is trashed by the sides. No significant changes on CT scan either. she takes Gemcitabine and Carboplatin, can she do anything to help herself complimentray? i dnt knwo ho wyet to work this forum just joined a few minutes ago, so I shall try to learn quickly
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    Hi Feyona, - me again. I don't have any advice regarding self-help, complimentary treatment, medications, etc. In my case, I went with what the doctors advised for my nsclc. I had concurrent chemo and radiation. I, too, was trashed by the sides, but they subsided when treatment was finished. I had 40% of my right lung removed four years ago, and have been cancer free since. My advice with "working" this forum is to ask whatever you need to know, and someone will probably respond. These people are great! Ernie