Faslodex - anyone?

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After a recurrence discovered in April of this year I was taken off Tamoxifen, had my Ovaries out, started Femarra, and receive monthly Zometa treatments. Zometa is for the bones ....the cancer came back to my spine. Radiation to the spine also. Now my Onc still doesn't like my tumor markers even though the pet scan shows an improvement. Now he wants to try Faslodex. When I looked it up it appears I will get 1 or 2 injections in my buttock each month. Oh joy!!! He is also going to try Herceptin. The question: if you are taking Faslodex are you having side effects and what are they??? Thanks Jamie


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    Hi Jamie, I have been most of the places you are going! Did the femara, but went on Aredia instead of Zometa. I tried the faslodex when the femara seemed to stop working on my tumor markers. I had no side effects, but the faslodex was not effective, either. The butt shots were easy - I have a nice little pad of fat back there that finally came in handy! Don't remember the side effects listed for faslodex - probably the usual - headache, nausea, pain, death, etc. You are so lucky to be Her +. I use to envy people with big veins; I am now adding Her + to my envy list. Radiation could have contributed to your improved pet scan; it does knock the cancer out, site specific. It helped a lot with my back pain, too. Good luck!