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I copied and pasted this email to share with all of You-I found it most interesting-different views of coping with the things in our life...Hope You Enjoy...

Your scars are beautiful. They are the brushstrokes in the masterpiece
that is your life.

Ancient legend tells of the powerful Amazons, a race of one-breasted female warriors. These fierce fighting women, known for their skill as archers, underwent voluntary mastectomies so their breasts would not interfere with their aim. Their very survival depended
upon the radical surgery.

Legend also tells of the Scythian culture in which women were expected to fight alongside the men. A mastectomy of the right breast was performed on female infants to prevent weakening of the pectoral muscle on that side. This ensured the girls would be able to brandish a sword with power and skill.

Scholars debate whether there is any truth behind these popular stories, but – true or not – the tales provide us with a thought-provoking way in which to reframe
the way we see our scars.

Instead of looking at the scars on our bodies as reminders of illness and weakness, we could look at them as evidence that illness and weakness were removed from our bodies, making us more powerful than we were before. We could take pride in our scars because they are proof of battles we have fought and won. They speak of our courage and resolve.
They tell the stories of our lives.

As we age, our faces and bodies naturally develop lines and wrinkles in addition to the scars that result from accidents and surgeries. Instead of fighting the lines and wrinkles with cosmetic surgeries and hiding our battle scars as if they are shameful or embarrassing, why not look at them as evidence of the rich collection of experiences that have shaped our characters over time and made us who we are today?

Each of us is a miracle, and each of us is a masterpiece of the Creator. One-of-a-kind. No two alike. A singular work of art full of
power and promise.

Rejoice in all of your brushstrokes!

Heavenly Father, help me to remember that I am Your creation and that everything You have created is perfect and beautiful. Amen


Roger and Kathy Cawthon
The Cancer Crusade




  • katstraw
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    Thanks for sharing. I was looking at my scar (through my lower areola) and debating some type of surgery again.The nipple is being drawn downward from the scar tissue. It has only been 4 1/2 months since my lumpectomy so I'm hoping in time I will look at my scar as a badge of courage and not as a gross disfigurement of my nipple area. Either way, I am thankful to have the tumor gone. In time, I hope to come to terms with the appearance of my breast. I thank God for allowing me to find the tumor while it was still small. Now if I could just get rid of these hot flashes from Tamoxifen.
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    Thank you for these words of encouragement and inspiration. With the ideals of beauty set forth by societal norms it is very hard to come to terms with the scars that tell the story of who we are and what we have endured. We need to remember that we are all beautiful creatures of spirit.