side indintation anyone?

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this is my first post ever so if this sounds wierd or is in the wrong spot sorry... anyways hi im 22F, i had wilms turmor stage 3-4 when i was 3yrs old. i survived with out having cancer again. i want to know if there is anyone else who like me has a very large indentation where their kidney used to be. ive never seen anyone like me before and my docotors say they dont know if other survivors grow up to have a indentation where their kidney used to be... but i imagine there has got to be someone out there!also i have pretty sharp back pain most days after doing sports or bending over alot. which could be attributed to osteoperosis in the spine (due to radiation) or having had some muscles removed/radiated on only my right side. i also have what looks like a bump on the non-operated side of my back when i bend over but not when i stand up... is there anyone like me?


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    You found the right spot. Most of the people here have (or have had) adult renal cell, but I would imagine that the operations leave pretty much the same results.

    I actually have a substantial bulge of scar tissue where they operated, and not an indentation. Although, I was also lucky to be able to keep most of the kidney that had the operation. Maybe the bulge would be smaller (or even indented) if they had taken out the whole kidney.

    Maybe the young age played a role too. I'm sure you've grown quite a bit in the last 18 years. The body was probably not expecting to have to fill in the spot.

    I'm 3 years out of my surgery now, and I still constantly feel pain in the back and side muscles that were cut through. At least now though, it tends to only hurt when I overexert them. I have the feeling that I'm going to experience these pains for the rest of my life.

    Not a bad price to pay though. Every time I feel the pain, I am happy to be reminded that I'm still alive, and that I have very much to live for.
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    Mine looks like shark bite
    My scar is 52 1/2 years old I was 6 mo old when right kidney removed. I have always wondered if others had this indention . When people say what is that I say "looks like a shark bite doesn't it? I don't mean wearing a bikini (that I was never able to do) It gets deeper ever year and now it shows through all my clothes especially dresses. Even blouses that come down over pants or tunics, etc Where it is located I get waist bands from pants, skirts and hosiery caught in it. That is very uncomfortable and causes irritation inside the indention. Especially driving. Waist bands inch down over time due to curve of spine. Pants always feel twisted and back seam is never center over midline (spine) Constant adjusting of clothing. My jobs had always been working with hanicapped children or adults so dresses every day was not practical. Overall shorts are very comfy.