Prior to Radiation...

I thought I had done ALL of my homework on what to expect at the doctors office. I went to meet my Radiology Oncologist today to discuss the aggressiveness and length of my upcoming treatment, and to get marked for radiation to begin next week. I was prepared for yet another doctor examining me, but what I wasn't prepared for was the Cat Scat with RECTAL CONTRAST!
I had already gone through the oral contrast, the I.V. contrast with another CT Scan, two chest ex-rays, numerous blood work ups, prior to the visit today. Needless to say I was quite upset to find out that I had another test to be run. I've read and read and read as much information as possible and asked all the right questions, but didn't know that I was going to have to do another CT Scan this time with rectal contrast.
No big deal, you say? Well, when you've been probed, prodded, invaded, and end up in pain with every pelvic exam from every doctor that wants to see the tumor I have...the news of ONE MORE TEST was anything but pleasant. It was uncomfortable, awkward, and unpleasant to have a Radiology tech inject you with something of that nature. Then they whip out a digital camera and begin taking photos of my half naked body on the table.
I'm sharing this with you because today I finally broke down. I have felt like a lab rat for the past 3 weeks and I just lost all patience. I shared all of the emotional stress of my cancer and my countless tests & examinations with complete and total strangers in the Radiology lab. I had enough!!! Today was the last straw. Chemo & Radiation are next, and I say BRING IT ON. I'm ready. I'm tired of waiting. Let's get this ball rolling. I'm ready to start the healing process.


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    You go Jen! I hope you let everyone of those techs and Drs. know how you felt. I think often times drs. stop looking at us like humans with feelings but like just another "job". I am glad you let out those emotions. Sounds to me like you purged and are ready for battle. Go get 'em!