We didn't make it with treatment

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I have written a few times and have always received much love and support from all of you. For that I say "Thank You". Yesterday my husband (stage IV colon w/ mets to liver and lung since Sept 03) began the new Erbitux and didn't get to take it. After about 30 minutes he broke out in a severe rash with welps and itching and his blood pressure bottomed out to 60 over 33. They rushed him to the emergency room and after just a short time of saline he came around and all is well. The benedryl put him down for the evening but he is fine now. Correction, he didn't stay down all evening, we have revival going at our church and he wouldn't stay home from that for anything so we did attend revival and thanked God that all was successfully unsuccessful (hope that made sense!).
Anyway, I just wanted to tell people that knew what we were feeling and know that I will get cyberhugs from all of you and for that THANK YOU.

More later when we find what road we are going to travel now.
God bless each and everyone of you and yours.


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    Hi PJ
    My husband is stage 1V also and I can certainly relate to successfully unsucessful...you must have felt a huge sigh of relief that he ended up being ok- have a look at prelim reults for the Trovax vacine- not sure wher you live but maybe they are doing clinical trials in and around your area? (Has he been on Avastin?)
    Gentle thoughts and prayers to you.
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    That's some guy you've got there. Imagine getting up and going to a revival after the afternoon he had!
    I love Bev's "gentle thoughts and prayers for you", so I am sending those your way too.
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    OK, PJ, here comes one ((((((((((PJ)))))))))). When I was getting chemo, a friend in the next chair had a severe allergic reaction to one of his agents. Even as a nurse, I found it terrifying; I can imagine how hard it is to see your husband go through it. You both have such strength!
    You both continue to be in my prayers, Judy
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    Hi PJ,

    I am sorry to hear that your husband had such a bad reaction!!

    I know exactly how you felt. My husband had the very same reaction to Erbitux. It scared me to death!!! I am sorry to say that that was my husband last chance as he didn't quality for any of the experimental treatments at that time. His condition wasn't good. Unfortunately he passed away from this MONSTER on the 24th of Dec.2004.

    I am telling you this so that you will not give up!!!!! My husband tried so hard to beat this with no success. Keep looking and pushing to find other treatments if that is the way you guys want to go. Don't let the Dr.'s make you wait. They made my husband wait for almost 3 weeks before he could get in to see another Dr. to get on the trials and by the time they did it was to late as he was to weak to continue fighting.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you!!! I miss my husband so much. It feels like forever but then it also feels like I lost his now.

    Best wished and Prayers coming your way!!!!