anyone else had this?

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Hi , I am just wondering how to tell if I have cysts or tumor growths or just fatty tumors. I noticed that after I had radiation to my breast (lumpectomy),and chemo, I couldnt fell anything other that a rubbery feeling. It has been 1 year and 5 months and now I don`t feel the rubbery feeling but feel 1 lump which is about the size of a pea ,doesnt hurt but movable at the end of my scar and an irregular smaller lump in the middle of my scar if I press firmly.Do you think this is normal scar buildup or should I go and have it checked? I don`t want to waste the dr`s time but it also frightens me but if you think this is normal for breast tissue let me know. The other breast has other lumps and bumps but they are tender and not as firm....Plus I still feel somewhat sore under my armpit where they took out the nodes (sentinal nodes)


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    I would go to the doctor. It is not a bother to them.
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    Have your doctor check you out. As debw says it's not a bother to the doctor. That's what he's there for. He doesn't want you to be unsure of how your breast should feel. Your body's been through alot of changes and it's normal to be unsure of things.
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    You are worried enough to post so you need to have the DR check it out. That is how they make a living so go see them. God Bless Linda
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    Hello Kitty

    Yes, I have had exactly what you describe. I have been told that it is scar tissue and the pain is from cording that has taken place under the armpit. Do your stretching exercises really helps.

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    You should contact your doctor asap. Whenever you have questions or concerns contact them, that's what they are there for. I would call them today If I were you
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    Hi Kitty.

    I had the same symptom about 5 months after my surgery. Just as I was about to embark on the world of radiology, my surgeon noticed a small lump at the tip of my scar and one in the middle of it. She immediately took a biopsy which I was so afraid she'd do, and the results came back "fatty necrosis" which is the scar tissue healing. Have a biopsy anyway. I'm sure that's what you probably have too. My surgeon says it will stay a little lumpy for up to a year after surgery. She knew it was necrosis before she performed the biopsy however she extremely anal...(which I love about her). Good luck and Godspeed.

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    Thanks everyone for your advice. I have an appointment made for November 25...So I guess they are not as worried as I have been...I think it is probally nothing....maybe bad nerves...I also spoke with a genetic counselor today about being tested. She took blood and thinks I have a 20 to 50 chance carrying the brca 1 gene... Thanks glad to have this site to have a backup of people who understand.....