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Hey guys, I just wanted to share this letter that I am sending to Bellsouth, with you guys. If you see errors, I am not finished editing, but want to send it to my fellow survivors.

October 15, 2005

F. Duane Ackerman, Chairman & CEO
Bellsouth Corporation
1155 Peachtree Street, NE
Atlanta, GA 30309-3610

To Whom It May Concern:

I am constantly solicited to return to Bellsouth, a company with whom I had my personal phone service for over 30 years and my business for approximately 8 years total.

Why did I leave? I am delighted to tell you.

In January of 2004, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had to close my business, and was very sick with no idea what the future would bring. Terrified. With your wonderful company, to whom I had been loyal for all those years, I had 10 months remaining of a 3 year contract on my business, Sterling Investments, Inc. I had paid more than half of the contract. Bellsouth FORCED me to pay for that line for the remaining 10 months to the tune of around $12. a month, per your representative Cherrie.Jones@BELLSOUTH.COM. And keep in mind, also, that I did not have the line anymore. It was not used. I contacted the corporate office of the president, etc. No, I did not have to pay the whole bill, so it saved me about $700.00 but, to me, that $12. meant the difference between paying something necessary in my life or not, (doctor co-pay?). I lost ALL my income in a flash. Now, you want to GIVE me $100.00 in cash to come back?? Free connection? Blah blah blah. I guess that you thought I would die and you had nothing to gain to try to keep me as a customer. I did not die.

So, will I ever come back to Bellsouth? A resounding, highlighted HELL NO. Never in a million years. If it became so that I needed a different provider than Time Warner ($40 a mo, all long distance free as well as the features that I need), I will do a cell phone only. Oh, I have two cell phones now as well, with Verizon, number three in the industry, ahead of Bellsouth.

So that you know, I am well now, employed and we have more than doubled my income. So, for your paltry $120.00, you lost me forever as a customer. And, all of my five grown daughters, most of my business associates, my mother and father, sister, her two grown sons, and most of my friends. I was delighted to also post about Bellsouth on all of the breast cancer boards on the internet and share my experience, so who knows how many people that affected as well. I told you that I would at the time you forced me to pay that $120 that you could not live without. I made sure that I let the entire community know in my town. Bellsouth is a company that does NOT care. Has no heart. One that has lost my business forever. Hmm, let’s see. Two cell phones, fast internet connection, home telephone service. For these services, I now pay $290.00 a month. What a trade off for you. But, hey, you got your $120.00.

Please save your money and stop soliciting me. Your company must need that money really badly. I am sure you that you have spent much, much more than the $120 that you FORCED me to pay when I was sick on slick advertising, man hours to mail them and the cost of postage, trying to get me back. When I get them, it makes me furious and sick to my stomach. When I needed you, you were not accessible and your company did not care. No, you may not need me, but you need to know that your company made an impression here in NC and to everyone that would listen.

A contract is a contract, right? Yep. So this one is my contract back to you now. Oh, and for the record, Time Warner cut my total cable bill, which included my digital TV and Road Runner, in half for 6 months when I was sick. Who do you think that I am loyal to now? That cost them $360.00. But, they have my business forever, and now also have my phone service and my bill has never one time been paid late. They had a heart. Bellsouth has none and what “goes around, comes around”. Hard core executives, that forget the customer in a time of trouble, what happens to them?

Take this one to the bank, I am done with this company,

Jan M. Smith
Former President of Sterling Investments, Inc.
Formerly Bellsouth customer (336) 748-1005, (336)774-0028-fax, (336)774-6704, 6705 and (336) 725-1803

Cc: Amercian Cancer Society, Breast Cancer Survivors Board
Donna A. Lee, Bellsouth Chief Marketing Officer
Frederick K. Shaftman, President Bellsouth Business
Krista Tillman, Bellsouth State President, NC
Jan Funderberg, Bellsouth President, Consumer Affairs


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    Here! Here!

    You go, girl!! If you don't mind, I'm going to copy this and send it to Bell South and give them a piece of my mind too!!

    You should be proud of your strength and tenacity. You are an inspiration to us all!

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    I just lost my job and health insurance because of breast cancer and I just need to talk to someone and share my experience.