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Hi...My Father in Law. Has had advanced cancer for the past year. The hormone treatment worked then started to fail and he Got a bit of cancer spread to his limp gland which was fixed with radition (so it was a good sign that he was able to respond so well to radiation).
Currently he has a bit of cancer in a not very bad part of his lung. But because it has spread so fast, the doctor is regarding it as ADVANCED.
So today he has been put onto a new Cemo treament called Taxotere.
Just wondering if anyone has had any success with this. Note: the doctor is hopeful as he is young (53) and healthy.
Also if you know a bit more about this or any on=ther treatment availble that we can look at.
Price is not an option.
We are in Australia at the moment and can travel if need be.

Thanks Jefferson


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    My brother was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 15 years ago at the age of 72. He elected radiation treatments which brought the PSA down to a minimum level. About eight years later his PSA began to rise again; and he was put on Lupron. This kept his cancer in check for about another seven years until about a year ago when his PSA began rising. The next treatment was Casodex which was totally ineffective. By this time his PSA was up to 70. About three months ago, he began a series of Taxotere drip. After the first series of six, taking one treatment per week, his PSA dropped to 40. There was a two week respite, then another series of six were completed. They brought the PSA down to 20. After another respite, he began a third series of six, but the side effects for this now 87 year old otherwise healthy individual were more than the oncologist wanted to put him through, and treatments stopped at 14. There was hope that the third series of six would bring the PSA down to 7 or lower. Unfortunately, we won't know for several more days the results of his latest PSA evaluation. I'll let you know when we hear the results and what the prognosis is at that point.
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    I hope this helps, My husband had prostate cancer for 10 yrs after 8 it spread to the bone. They gave him rads and casodex which worked but the side effects of casodex were to much for him. they then started him on chemo which was taxotere and zometa which helps the bones. he did well when on it but when he need radiation they stopped it. to only start again. He got 3 weeks on and one week off. once a week i.v infusion. He was suppose to get it for 8 months straight but with the stopping and starting it wasn't as effective as hope but it is a good drug. Aslo please look into Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. In NYC. or for more info.
    Be well