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I know that each person's cancer and treatment is unique, but maybe some of you can answer some questions for me. My mother-in-law was diagnosed July 5, 2005. The oncologist said there was no cure and surgery was not an option, the prognosis was 2-6 months untreated and up to 14 months with treatment. She has been having chemo every three weeks with Avastin and they say her tumor is shrinking(does this have significant effect?) and that she is doing well. Her next treatment will be at the end of this month and then they will stop chemo. I don't know what to expect...will she feel better? Will the fluid that was being produced in her lungs start producing at a faster rate? I am hoping for some good days ahead, will there be any? The cancer is in her right lobe,lymph nodes, and the fluid surrounding her lungs. Does anyone know why she wouldn't be having radiation? If anyone can tell me what to expect it would mean so much to me. What can I do to help her emotionally? She never talks about it, except for blood tests.


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    Dear Netty:

    I am very sorry to hear of your MIL's diagnosis. I know that a cancer diagnosis affects all family members; not just the patient.

    I am a 55 year old female who was diagnosed with LC in 5/2005 during a routine physical. I had a very small nodule in my R lung. I had surgery in June to remove the lower R lobe. Even though the Drs could not find any additional cancer in my body, it was suggested that I have several doses of chemo. I finished with chemo 9 weeks ago and Drs say I have an 80-85% chance of living a normal life span. I was truly blessed.

    I have a close friend (age 66) that was disgnosed with Stage IV NSCLC with mets in July and she also is receiving chemo every 3 weeks. Drs said that Stage IV is not curable but, some times it can be "managed" for quite a while. I don't know why your MIL's Drs did not prescribe radiation but, they may have wanted to kill the cancer cells as quickly as possible via chemo.

    You don't state your MIL's age and I do not know the state of her health otherwise but, she should begin feeling better a few weeks after finishing chemo. Please try not to despair at this point, she may rally after chemo and do quite nicely.

    Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

    Best regards, Madelyn