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Hello I find out that I'm still tired and get worn out easy and I'm only Two Years cancer free. I had my surgery in February two years ago . And went through a total of four chemo treatments .Does any one out there find out that they still get worn out and tired easy like I do or am I imaging it all.


  • roxanne53
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    Yes, I still get tired out. I had chemo, radiation in 2003. I could be overdoing things. I am also on medications. Are you on Arimidex?
    They do say it takes some time to get everything back from that chemo stuff. Don't know how long.

    You are not alone.
  • lindatn
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    I finished treatment in Dec of 2002 and have never really felt like before cancer. Am now taking arimidex, took tamoxifen until very recently. Onco said might feel better on arimidex but seems to me it has all of the time side effects with bone loss and weight gainned throwed in. Glad to be alive and maybe being three years older is part of the tired feeling. Never to sure if the stress of cancer is not part of the problem and the worry that goes with the What If business. Most of the time I stay busy and don't worry but it is always there in the back of a person mind. Linda
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    Hi Marilyn,
    Yes,we are all in the same boat,well most of us anyway.Good to see You're still kickin' around.Do they have You on anyother meds like Tamoxifen?I had my 4 rounds of A/C-now it's just stuff for pain or whatever.Good to hear from You!
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    Some of us were very sensative the treatments and the side effects were many. I have to be honest to say that for 5 years I struggled and often felt I was working myself right back into sickness.
    I must add that the treatments are a crash and burn plan that ruins our immune system. The work the body has to go through to heal is hard and pain staking in some cases. Some of us had one disease and now are left with many to cope with.
    It is not your imagination...
    Fatigue and Pain are real for some people...
    But I am hear to say that even though it took time and allot of work on my behalf it was worth it and life can actually be better than it was, obviously or otherwise we wouldn't have gotten cancer.
    Be good to yourself always,