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We just bumbled across Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) several centers across US (Chicago, Tulsa)... The concept sounds great combining conventional treatments along w/ adjuvant (nutrition,immunotherapy,spritual... treating the "whole person")
Has anyone had any experience that they could relate? The centers are far for us now, but they are willing to pay for travel... a new center will open closer to us (Phila) in December. Thanks for your help.


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    My name is Jo Ann and I spent 9 weeks at CTCA (Tulsa) last year between June and August.
    I was sent to Tulsa because of the lung center they have. Dr. Nader is a Pulmunolgist that specializes in lung cancer. He is wonderful, Actually I can't say enough good about the place. They are very compasionate and they all work together as a team.
    My husband and I stayed in one of their guest rooms. They have a new building out there now and it's nice, The rooms are $30/night. If they don't have enough rooms they will put you up in a local hotel for the same price. They also have drivers that will pick you up at the airport and will take you to shopping centers etc.
    If you would like to email me I would be happy to help if I can.
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    i have also been in contact with them and they told me that they would pay for travel. they do sound wonderful and i heard dr. nader was also wonderful
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    thank you jo and iblev... we are seriously considering CTCA... like that it's so comprehensive... my dad has just started whole brain radiation (will go on for 4 wks), so we're trying to figure how to work that out(3-5 day evaluation, travel)... thanks again for your input...I will contact you jo for more info... thank you again so much...ten