Xeloda for Maintenance after Chemo

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Can anyone please let me know if they have used Xeloda as a maintenance pill after you finished your chemo? If so, have you had sucess with it. Thank you all Mindy


  • joanneire
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    Hi Mindy
    My boyfriend's scans were clear 3 weeks ago (he had been on CPT 11 and Erbitux). His Doc has advised him to stick with the Erbitux and change to Xeloda tablets (I understand they're like 5FU). He had mets to his liver that thankfully have "disappeared" although we were warned that to stop treatment completely would be foolish. He's due to have another scan at Christmas, but fingers crossed he's doing great at the moment (working full time). Joanne
  • kerry
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    Hi Mindy,

    I have been on Xeloda for almost a year as a maintenance chemo along with Celebrex. So far, so good. I really like it much better than 5FU and it is so convenient to take.