NHL diagnosis but feeling well

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I was just diagnosed at 56 with follicular NHL. I still feel great and am hopefull. Anyone out there gone through any Clinical Trials or Rituxan treatments. I am optomistic that with my faith and a good attitude I will soon be in remission. Rodger (rodgerr1)


  • tigersi
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    hi roger
    sorry about dx. same here,i'm 51,dx 7/26 w/follicular b cell grade1,then in august told stage4 w/35%b-marrow.i will redo cat& pet scan in november to see progress or pace of growth or not.could start retuxin already but only complaint i have is fatigue and told not related.
    looked into other causes for this but no answers.
    also looked into farville vaccine clinical trials
    here nyc.its 50-50 placebo or vaccine & growth
    hormone both w/retuxin. i'll probably go w/just
    the retuxin,not in the trial,if any progression
    and/or if any symptoms develop. so...i don't have any treatment experience to share,but thats where i'm at so far...let us know how it goes & welcome to nhl-discussion board..i try to check for new posts regularly.take care.
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    My husband is currently in remission -- having gone through both CHOP and Rituxin treatment. He is only a little more than a year into his treatment -- he was diagnosed in July of 2004. His treatments of CHOP were tough -- he also has other health considerations. But even with those limitations, he was able to endure. He is particularly strong, however.

    I believe that an aggressive course of chemo is the only way to get into remission. And, thankfully, you are in an area where there is available treatment. And, hopefully, your insurance is good. Rituxin is wildly expensive.

    I want to wish you strength and positive energies for your trials ahead. By feeling well going in -- I am sure you will be at an advantage.
  • CharN
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    I had CHOP and Rituxin treatment and am in remission now. Rituxin is great. Very little or no side effects. Not even hair loss. CHOP on the other hand... But it worked! I hope all goes well for you. Try to stay focussed on getting well and be optimistic. This site has a wealth of resources and links. Best wishes and God Bless. Char
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    i am 30 i was diagnosed at just turning 28 i had abvd and rituxin and i am in remision good luck
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    I was diagnosed in 95 with NHL. Stage 4 but thanks to rituxan it has stayed under control. It has been 11 years this past April and I stil feel pretty good. I have a reaccurance about every 8 to 12 months. Take another set of treatments and go for another 8 to 12 months. Also help from the grace of god. good luck and hang in their. Keep a positive attitude.