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I have'nt checked in for a while, but I've been pretty busy this summer with working and such. M. is doing alright, actually feeling better now, but the doctor has told her that she is terminally ill and is only expected to live within and no more than a 10 year window. Which now would be 8 years because she's had BC for 2 years now. She looks so old now. Like she's in her 70's instead of her 40's. A neighbor thought my husband was visiting his mother. The kids are alright, but its kind of the same old thing where no matter what I do, its wrong. I been so nice to there mom, but they do'nt recognize that. I just take it in stride and stay busy with things a home.


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    Hi Suzy,
    It sounds like things have simmered down alot,somethings just take time.The kids will realize more as they get older and more mature.In the meantime keep Your heart light and a pep in Your step,keep up the good work,even if no one else notices God does he knows what is really in our hearts.So HI!!!

    God Bless You,
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    Hey Suzy,
    It is so nice you came by. I want to remind you that we are hardest on ourselves and sounds like your normal, lol. You just keep doing what your doing because those kids may not see it now but they will never be able to deny it in years to come. It is hard for them is all and probably can't deal with it is all. My son hated the world and I think even me for getting sick, made him an angrier teen.
    I hope their mother appeciates your efforts and she too will know what you have done. Your husband is the lucky man to have such a caring support in his life. It does make a difference even if you don't see it in front of you.
    Be good to yourself,