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Does a person who's had BC ever really go into remission (or get cured)? OR, is it just always there somewhere? My doctor's have never given me the word that I'm now "in remission" or cured...they're always watching something or other. Just curious. does anyone have a good answer to that question?! Happy BC Awareness month...we need to keep getting the word out there!


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    I have often wondered that myself. Am I cured or am I just in remission. As far as I am concerned, I am cured. If the surgeon did his job, and I know he did, then the cancer is GONE. I have done the chemo and going to start radiation tomorrow. If you find the "correct" answer, I would love to know. You can email me on this site or at

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    Dear BBK, I read recently that the 'new thinking' is that cancer is a chronic disease. Once you have it, it can be treated and controlled, but there is always the possibility of it returning. The idea that after 5 years your chance of recurrence goes down was never scientifically tested. As long as it can be treated, I don't think of it as terminal. I've met a lot of people who have had three or four 'bouts' of cancer and are still kicking.
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    Excellent question. A study was done where they gathered women who had successfully battled breast cancer 15-20 years ago with no recurrances. They tested their blood and were shocked to find many were carrying breast cancer cells. No one knows why those cells haven't developed or spread to organs and gone to stage IV. Seems some of us carry microscopic remnants of our disease but stay healthy and others get sick again. Maybe when we know why that happens, we'll know how to stop breast cancer from killing anyone. I'm at 2.5 years past treatment and taking arimidex. So far so good other than the usual aches and pains associated with the drug's side effects. Good luck with staying healthy.
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    I have had 2 different answers from 2 different docs. My oncologist told me I was "cured" of BC. My surgeon, however, told me that I was considered NED (no evidence of disease) and NED is what they call "remission." I'm surprised I ever got a "cured" diagnosis from my oncologist. I always thought they used that word lightly. I'm 1 year out from diagnosis and 4 months out of radiation and chemo.
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    I believe in getting rid of the word cure from this vocabulary. I can't help but think we should be concentrating on our increased risk factors for the same disease and other cancers we are now at risk for. It is important to understand that even though we had one cancer there are others we are just as at risk for.
    I think it is important that we know and listen to our bodies and get anything that bothers us checked out. I have watched to many be given false hope with the CURE and often neglect to react to problems that come along their way, often resulting in poor prognosises.