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Hi all. I just want to share that today is my 28th birthday. It is also an emotional time because one year ago today I was on the table for my "scope" and tomorrow will be my one-year anniversary of my stage III dx.

I have come a long way in this past year. One year ago I wasn't sure I would still be here today. I was so scared. I fought the fight through surgery and chemo and depression. I began the fight again in July when my depression was getting out of control. I realized that it was time to make changes. I found these boards and turned it all around. I started eating right. I started excercising more (still need to improve on this one) and I made a decision not to let cancer control my life. It will be what it will be but I'm not going down without the fight of my life. And I decided to make a change in my behavior and the stress level in my life. My husband and I have both been working these issues.

I am just so happy to be here today. I thank God for each and every day that I get to spend with my daughter, and my family, and my friends. I will have my one-year colonoscopy this month and my three-month check up with the Onc and a PET/CT and I pray that NED continues to bless me with his presence.

Thank you all for being such great friends and the support you have given me. Thank you for the help you have contributed towards my nutrition knowledge.




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    Congratulations on reaching a milestone day! And what a wonderful attitude. You go girl! Praying that NED continues to grace you with his presence.
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    goldfinch said:

    Congratulations on reaching a milestone day! And what a wonderful attitude. You go girl! Praying that NED continues to grace you with his presence.

    Hi Patricia. This crappy dsease kinda changes one's attitude to living. The everyday things that are so often neglected. You know, the "take the time to smell the roses" kind of attitude we all tend to let pass us by...until we get kicked back into reality. Congratultions on your anniversary.
    Someone said life is not meant to be easy..just bloody difficult! But hey, you have fought the battle and what a battle to win!
    All the best for your test results this month.
    Kanga n Jen
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    Happy Birthday! (I was singing, did you hear it?) May you have many many more happy and healthy years ahead to enjoy your family and daughter! You deserve it!

    All my best for a future of happiness,

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    Happy birthday, dear Patricia. And happy anniversary. Boy, what a year it has been for you. But I really take my hat off to you, for all the positive changes you have introduced in your life. Best of luck with those tests and scans. May NED be with you!!
    Love, Tara
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    Well, Patricia, Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!

    I am so happy for you. You are so young to be dealing with this crap. Stay strong! Livestrong!!

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    Hi patricia, Yeah, it's strange to reach the first anniversary. What I found was that I was able to look back on it all, sort of impartially and assess what I felt like after a year, whereas before that, I was scared to think too much and just coped. Does that make any sense?
    Happy birthday to you x 3.

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    Hi Patricia,

    Congratulations on your anniversary and a belated Happy Birthday. How wise of you to make the changes you feel are necessary to help control your emotional and physical well being.

    Sending positive vibes and prayers for excellent colonoscopy and PET/CT results.