MRI Results

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Hi All,
My results from the breast MRI came back today and all seems to be well at least in that area. And though I am very happy, I am still waiting for results on the PET CT I will have done next week. I will have a series of tests if that doesn't show anything, so I am still not sure until it's over. I was hoping if I had something it would be in my breasts, mainly because I know the drill, but I am even more scared now than before. Need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    I'm with you. Don't be scared (easy to say) just keep on top of everything. Even if the doctors find something, there are a lot of treatments out there to keep the cancer at bay for a long time. I believe there will be even more treatments that will work for us in the near future. Keep your chin up, we are all in this together. I will pray for you that all tests will be clear of cancer and that you will have peace in your heart. jang58