Narsopharngeal Carcinoma

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Hi, everybody
My daugher is currently 11 years old, She was diagnosis as NPC on April 21th 2005, She had 3 cycles Cisplatin and 5-FU Chemo and followed by 3 cycle Cisplatin concurrent with 33 days Radiation. She finished all the Chemo at Auguest 15th and radiation at 17Th Aug. We had twice times MRI at July 26th and Sept. 22rd 2005. The doctor told us the results are pretty samilar in these two MRI.There are still some remains. He can't judge if they are dead cells or live cells.He will arrange another MRI on the end of November and check if the remains will change or not. He can't do anything else till next MRI. I was so frightened about this result. Are there anybody had any ideas or experiences about this result.


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    Please ask your doctor about cyberknife. There is a Cyberknife Patient Support Group where doctors will answer your questions in detail and with quick reponses. There are numerous cyberknife centers all over the world. They'll help you find one. I had 33 radiation treatments and the chemo as well. They started me on radiation and chemo at the same time, then a month after the radiation, I had the cyberknife treatment to get the last of the cancer. Then I finished up with more chemo. My best wishes to you and your daughter.
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    I am sorry to hear about your daughter,she is so young.I was diagnosed NPC sept.2004 at the age of 23.Although this type of cancer is rare the survival rate is good.I to went through the chemo and radiation and my tumor started out when found was the size of a softball and although it has decreased in size their is still a mass in my head.The doctors have told me that as long as the mass does not grow in size they feel confident that the left over tissue is probably just scar tissue.Every three months I go in for a MRI and just pray that the mass doesnt grow(so far so good)I have had three MRI's since my treatments ended(in Nov.2004)and although there is still mass present it has not grown and my doctors are very pleased by this.My guess is that there will always be some mass left over.I would just have faith in the treatments she was given and the doctors who are helping her, and as far as I have been told no growth even though it is still present is a POSITIVE and I know going through the same fears you must look at the positves to get through the rough times.I hope this helps your concerns.If you have any more questions you can email me,I would be happy to help in way I can,take care and God bless.
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    Hello, My husband had huge doses of all of the treatments your daughter has had. His was between 02-03. I am so sorry to hear of such a young person going through this! Do you live in the US? I am asking, as I have met many people with NPC from a lot of places. Can she eat food,or is she on liquid diet? My husband still after 2 years out has a hard time eating food.He was stg.4 at diagnosis, and has much fibrosis of the neck,after rediation he had to stop working.Please post it how your daughter is doing.