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    Newly diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma
    I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on Oct. 28, 2009. I went to the dermatologist for my roseacea and asked her to look at my "third eye" on my forhead, which had changed somewhat since the last time I saw her. The place was a mole and became raised, like a pimple was under it. She biopsied it and called back with the news. I have an appointment with the MOHS surgeon, who is my former dermatologist and is just doing surgery now. My surgery is set for Dec. 1, with my consult on Nov. 24. I am already a 9 year cancer survivor (endometrial stromal sarcoma) and, still, this news felt like being punched in the stomache.

    I know how you feel
    I was also hit hard emotionally by this latest diagnosis, and I couldn't figure out why. I had had a melanoma in 2003 which required a wide local excision (no recurrence), and thyroid cancer in 2008, which required a full thyroidectomy....and yet I still was thrown by this most recent diagnosis of basal cell in October. Was it because I wasn't really aware of it? (Let it go a long time, since it didn't look like melanoma, which I knew from my previous experience...) Or maybe it was just the basic thought, I know it is the most mild, but can't a biopsy of mine come back clear just once?

    On a brighter note, now that I have recovered with an extremely unnoticeable scar under my eye (helps that I wear glasses), all I can tell you is that for me, the anticipation was much worse than the procedure. The worst part was having a bandaid and then bandage on my face for several weeks, but once the stitches were out, it was smooth sailing. I wish you a similarly positive experience!
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    I am resting here at home recovering from my surgery. Mohs surgery was a week ago Monday...followed by the 1st of my reconstruction surgery they next day. I am due to have the 2nd of the reconstruction in 2 weeks. The real bummer is since I wear glasses due to the skin flap I can't wear my glasses. Therefore, I can't drive, watch tv, etc. Although I have tried taping the glasses to my head. Well I will say that it works, but it does look rather odd !

    Robert, how long were you off work due to the surgery ? Looks like I will be out about 6 weeks altogether.

    your surgery
    innocent cat,
    can u tell me how things worked out?..i heard the forehead flap is not for the faint of heart...i may need one....are u happy with the outome?
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    RobertFW said:

    I had MOHS Sept 21 on my nose, resulting in a hole maybe they size of a marble on the left nostril.

    I went in the next day to a reconstruction surgeon and he did phase 1 of a forehead flap.

    Phase II was Oct 17. Phase III was Nov 9.

    I got my final stitches out this week.

    It is amazing how I look - I am very pleased.

    A few things I will have to get used to :
    - the forehead skin which was used to reconstruct the nostril has no feeling in it, wondering if it ever will or I just must get used to it
    - my forehead is rather tight (basically I am wrinkle free)

    I also have BCC on my cheek. Will have laser removal on that Dec 13.

    your surgery
    are you still happy with your final results?
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    Diagnosed with 2 Basal Cell Carcinoma spots on my nose!

    I was recently diagnosed and find I am spending a lot of time thinking about it and worrying!  I've gotten 2 opinions and am waiting to see a doctor at Memorial Sloan Kettering.  It seems that Mohs is the prevailing procedure recommended for this type of cancer.  However, the plastic surgeon is what I am most concerned with finding.  I haven't found any photos yet and am almost afraid to look online.  I guess my vanity is speaking!  I am very worried that I will be disfigured.  Anyone have any feedback either positive or otherwise to share?

    Troubled but hopeful?

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    Please do not look onlline. It will make you more upset. i had basal cell on my ankle. A friend of mine has surgery on her nose , She healed very very well. Take some time off of work if you can to heal physically and mentally. If you need to talk Im here.

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    My insurance...

    My Mohs came to $3,400 and that was $2,000 for the fancy PS stitching and $1,400 for the removal of the cancer (one pass). Not cheap! But he was a master and I love my nose! It's going to be many weeks of healing but it sure looks much better than I thought it would.Smile