My vagina is pissed off

Hello fellow vulvar cancers... Hevent been here in a while. I was doing some reading and I was amazed at how many new responses there were. My latest history is carcinoma in situ. 2003, May scheduled for a wide local incision. Doc said it was only the size of a dime and would be simple same day surgery. No laser, it would be fine and you can go right back to work. What I got was quite the opposite. Incision went from next to the clitoris all the way down the right side of the vaginal opening and half way up the other side. Oh, and by the way, there was lasering that went on. Ladies if you are scheduled for surgery and have it, DO NOT THINK THAT FOR ONE MINUTE GETTING A MIRROR AND LOOKING AT THE RESULTS IS A GOOD IDEA! What followed after that was a very angry and irate medicated woman calling her doc to yell at him and call him a big fat liar. God only knows what my file says. Cant go back there ever again. Someone on the board referred to thier vagina as a designer vagina. Thanks to whomever said that, I got quite a good laugh. I will use it in the future. Another bad idea is to show your vagina to a very honest friend. Do not ever ask a question you do not already know the answer to. My husband says it looks fine, well we are married after all and he does have to live with me so I will take his opinion for what it is worth. God love him. I went to the vagina monologues this past year and when the angry vagina came out I thought to myself, sister my vagina could tell yours a few things. My vagina is not just angry it is pissed off! I am going on the breast cancer walk tomorrow in beautiful Reno, Nv. I often wonder if there will ever be a walk or fundraiser for vulvar/vagina cancers? I have told many my story and get looks like I am crazy. After all my cancer is from the HPPV virus. I think we need to really educate young girls on this one. I was told HPPV would cause warts not cancer. It was that first serious relationship at age 16. Bless his little heart for giving me the other gift that keeps on giving. I think of him often and sincerely hope his penis falls off, or atleast has part of it surgically removed due to cancer. Three surgeries later and low and behold, I see new spots. I look at all the other ladies in much worse problems than I but jeez, many more surgeries and there wont be much left. I havent even hit my sexual prime... I am 35 by the way. Seeing doc this month. I missed my yearly annual as for the first year after last surgery all was clear. Shame on me. Ladies I will pray for you all, I wish you the best, for me the love from my family, faith, and a sense of humor keep me going. All of this I hope for you all.


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    I wish you well, after reading your story. I was diagnosed with Vulvar cancer in Nov 2004, had surgery in Jan 2005, and I am cancer free as of Nov 2005. I however, choose only the surgery. I refused the radiation. I choose instead two non-toxic alternative treatments, that seem to have killed off my cancer cells. I am 54 years old. I too contracted herpes in my early 20's. I had a hysterectomy in 1991, and had been on hormone therapy ever since. At least until Nov last year when I found out about my cancer, and "cold turkeyed" off my hormones after my doctor told me I had a tumor on the inside of my vaginal wall.

    One thing I can tell you, that is real important, is to spread the word for women you know and care about to get a pap every year. Had I not, I probably wouldn't be here typing you a reply.

    Do you live in Reno? I live in Tahoe. I was referred to a Onocologist in Reno for a second oppinion, but choose not to go. I had already had my surgery at UC Davis, and wouldn't have taken radiation if that's what the second doctor was going to prescribe, like my surgeon did.

    I feel so very fortunate that so far I beat my cancer, with only minor pain in my right leg, from clogged lymph nodes. I went to physical therapy, and learned how to drain my lymph nodes myself.

    Well, that's my story. Again I wish you well.

    Best Wishes for the New Year!

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    PEOPLE LIKE YOU MAKES THE DAYS GO FASTER AND HAPPIER, I RESPECT YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR AND PERSONALLY LOVE IT.. I am going through this too, and my doc told me the same thing he told you when you had surgery. Good thing he warned me though, that things might not look the way they are before the surgery... I almost, actually I cried when I saw myself.. I felt mutilated.. And I still have a long way to go. .. wish you the best..