Help! waiting for PET scan results

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I am waiting for the PET scan results of a singular 8mm spot on my lung. It was found on a routine chest x-ray (before laporoscopy for a benign dermoid cyst on my ovary). I have had a bunch of tests lately (for a internal bleed that was never found) - gasteroendoscopy, colonoscopy, echo & CT scan of abdomen, mammogram and various blood tests. Many possibilities should already be ruled out then? The gyno is still not concerned about my ovary. My question is: what could the possible results of the PET scan be? Is it possible this is a metastisis (sp?)'from a primary cancer, even though I feel perfectly well? And if it's malignant (and its the only malignancy), what are my best options? I am 38, never smoked a cigarette in my life, and as far as I know am perfectly healthy. But this 8mm nodule, and the need for PET scan has me very afraid. Could anyone help me here?


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    Waiting for test results can be an excruciating experience. There's no doubt about it. But try to remain calm. The 8 mm spot to which you refer could be anything. A spot on the lung does not mean cancer. Until proven otherwise, it means that you have an 8 mm spot on your lung, period. Our natural tendency, in situations like this, is to expect the worst. If it is a tumor, it is a small one. By comparison, I survived a 3 x 5 x 7 cm tumor in my right lung. Keep a positive attitude, and don't give in to fear.