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I am wandering how many people are left handed that had/have Breast Cancer? Why, I asked is because on my local news yesterday they said that left handed people are twice as liked to get Breast Cancer. I am a lefty.


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    Hi Kathy,
    Well, lets see.... How many men and women on death row drank milk as a child?...hmm.... makes you wonder.... do YOU drink milk??..... this statement from the news is basic Statistics 101. I highly doubt that being left handed makes you more likely to have breast cancer. If you are worried about it, maybe you can call your doctor to tell him what you read/saw. Anyway.. this is just my opinion. Have a good weekend! God bless.
    -Michael (leukemia survivor)
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    I am a righty but had bc on my left breast. It will drive you crazy listening to the reports that come from everywhere.
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    ditto to Ibbsy, I too am a righty and had cancer in my left breast. I have heard tomatoes lowers your rist of cancer, I LOVE tomatoes. I had my first child before the age of 25, breast fed 4 children, am not obese.....the list can go on to lower my "risk" of breast cancer, but yet I was diagnosed 3 years ago at the age of 36. Don't try to keep asking why? but just live each day, be grateful you can and help someone in your life to understand life is not over until its over..
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    I am a lefty also. It is funny statistic.
    I have some people at work that can't wait to tell these types of things about breast cancer.I am Estrogen/progestron positive "the whole nine yards." I do not believe everything that is said. Sometimes things can eat at you as mind plays tricks inspite of the reality. I have found out that stuff is usually not true or only half truths.
    I do check with my doctor about information heard and the goofy stuff. This will always ease the mind on anything heard you want or need to check out!
    Take care and HUGS