frequent infections; punch biopsy

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Had mastectomy in May 03- treated with chemo and radiation. Had latisimus dorsi graft in April 05. Had pseudo infection in June, cellulitis in late July and now having second episode of cellulitis. Surgeon wants to do punch biopsy in a week. He was vague on what he was looking for. Having me see infectious disease also. Any help/advice you can give would be appreciated.


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    I've also had a couple of bouts of cellulitis. The punch biopsy is a way of checking all the different layers of the skin. It can rule out inflammatory breast cancer and helps them determine exactly what the problem is. In my case, the antibiotics alone were not helping. With the biopsy, they determined that I also had some vasculitis and so I was treated with both antibiotics and steroids. It's an easy biopsy - nothing compared to what you 've already been through. Good luck! Diane