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What do you think about Splenda as a sugar alternative. Most of the research I have found indicates that it is a "safe" alternative. I say "safe" in that it should still be used sparingly.


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    I don't know the facts, but it is man-made...and that scares me. When it comes to food, I am a purist. I think I would rather use raw sugar or honey -- or a no-sugar fruit spread or dried fruits for sweetness if you are able to. I still think of it as a white/refined sugar.....
    This is an afterthought, but vanilla and cinnamon both seem to give the taste (or illusion) of sweetness to foods.
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    Hi Chynabear,

    I have read some recent papers expressing concern about the use of sucralose due to the lack of research in toxicity and tolerance in humans. From what I believe there have been no tolerance studies over time conducted at all. Some other studies on sucralose have shown detrimental effects in rats. However, this may be a biased view as I have not researched the topic thoroughly. Might just give you some ideas.

    Cal :)
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    It is a chemical and not something that is found in nature. I say avoid it at all costs.

    Stick with what God/nature has given us to satiate the sweet tooth.

    Of course they are going to say it's safe. Who pays the PR bill? The industry.

    Just my .02.

    peace, emily
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    Have you tried Stevia? I use it daily to sweeten my green tea. It's really good.

    Take care,

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    Great question and the one thing we all should be learning these days is that man made food based products can not be metablized properly by our bodies. What that means is unnatural "things" in our bodies that can't be voided appropriated eventually pollute your blood, lymph node system, and in general just screw up all of our plumbing.

    All man made products are made for one reason and only one reason and that is for the company to make money. I am somewhat (well maybe very) opinionated on this topic. I only ingest foods that God has made and given us. Heed Maura's advice. Natural sugar products including stevia and honey are wonderful alternatives. Remember there is a difference between the terms substitutes and alternatives. And stay away from corporate man made foods.

    Lisa P.
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    Being a diabetic, I appreciate Splenda. It allows me to sweeten my food with minimal after taste and no carbohydrates. Being a biology teacher, I am impressed by the ingenuity of the product. The bond between C and OH in the sugar molecule was substituted for C and Cl-- rendering the sugar molecule without CHOs or carbohydrates!!!! Cl by itself is toxic-- but when in chemical combination with other elements, like in NaCl, it is not. After my last surgery, though, I developed a sensitivity to its after taste and did not like it at all.
    I am back to normal-- somewhat-- and again enjoy being able to sweeten my oatmeal.