arimidex side effects

hollyp Member Posts: 1
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Is anyone taking Arimidex experiencing hoarseness and sore throat?


  • cathdavis
    cathdavis Member Posts: 42
    I am taking arimidex, but do not have your side effects. I have joint pain and extreme hot flashes.
  • llange
    llange Member Posts: 54
    I'm taking tamoxifen and I've been hoarse on it for 2 years.
  • modgling
    modgling Member Posts: 2
    i take arimidex and have joint pain ,sometimes i have to clear my throat ( never did before) i can accept the joint pain if it means there is a 90% chance i will never have to go through the last year again. cancer free yea!!!!!!!!
  • Moonwalk
    Moonwalk Member Posts: 7
    No hoarseness at all for me either, Joint pain and hot flashes (may come in handy this winter). Seriously though, I have been on Arimidex for a month, and this is what I have experienced. Good luck.