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Well, my doc found the sentinel node and took it out along with the one next to it. The preliminary on site test looked clear. The pathologist will give it a closer look and may have an absolute by Monday or Tuesday. I feel such a wave of stress has left my body. I feel the light inside me and the glow of life again. I never thought I would gain this back. I learned how strong prayers from others can be and the true strength of love and friendship. I feel like a new person............Thank you all for your kind notes and prayers..... :)


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    Wendy, Great news!!! Sounds like all they took was the sentinel node and it's neighbor without going into the axillary. How did you like the dye injection????? When they did mine, it did not really hurt but my tumor was in the median and the shots went in very close to the nipple. The young girl assisting in the injection told me afterward that it was awfully hard to watch. I think it was her first experience with it. I feel that you are going to do very well with this dx. Keep being strong and keep researching. Big hug, Nan