Medical Bankruptcy???

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I really need some help or advice here. I am thinking of filing for medical bankruptcy. I really have no other choice. I'm only 24 and it's sad to have my financial life ruined so soon, but that's part of what cancer does I guess.
Has anyone here been through this process? I think I need a good lawyer but I have no clue as to how to find one. Are there organizations out there that help people with medical bankruptcy? Maybe specifically cancer survivors? I'd like advice from someone who know's what this is like.
It feels like I've had my heart broken. I fought and fought for two years to beat this disease and for what? I can't even go back to college like I wanted to because I can't afford it anymore. I'm not getting any sympathy or support from my family. They think it's no big deal to file bankruptcy but to me it's just yet another way that cancer is destroying me. Please help.


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    Ever feel like you have no control? I was fortunate enough that I qualified for patient assistance during my encounter with Hodgkins, have you tried getting any financial assistance from the hospital, human services or even the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society? If, in the end you do file bankruptcy-try looking at it differently, at least you're here to be bankrupt and I'm sure you've got a story to tell and the scars to prove it
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    Yes, I'm also in the same boat. Like the last replier, ask your hospital if they have a financial program. I received one bill (out of thousands)and below that bill was a little message stating that if there was any problems in paying the bill, I may be qualified for their special program where they would actuall pay most of my bill. I filled out thier application and sure enough, they paid the whole thing. I was shocked! The key is to ask because they wont tell. I am still in debt. I actually have no money left. If it wasn't for my fiance and family, I'll be out in the streets. Did you file for disability while you were sick? I did that thinking definitely they would accept me since I was out of commition for a year and they denied me. I had to get a disability lawyer to fight it. That will take another year or so. Hang in there. Call your hospital and look online to see if there are ways for you to get help.Good luck!
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