For all of those going through bad times

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And even those who aren't...

I have been so busy lately that I haven't had much chance to reply to any messages though I read them every day. I know that I am still new here and very unknown so I know my lack of responses aren't missed.

I do want to say this. Every message on this board touches my heart. Whether it is happy news or someone venting or someone looking for a shoulder to cry on. Or just someone here looking for some opinions and information.

I say a prayer for every single person when I read about tests or results. I say a prayer when someone isn't doing so well. I say a prayer when they are.

I'm the type that I wish I could be a "real" shoulder to cry on. That I could be there to celebrate the good news.

I just want to say that I am here and listening and praying for each of you. There are so many great people here and such a great place for support and inspiration.

I love you all already.

Thanks for listening,



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    Hi Patricia. Your suggestion that you "are not missed" due to lack of your response is not a fair statement. I am sure that everyone who has ever posted here has touched our hearts.We are all in this "family" together whether we be cancer patients/carers/family/friends. I think that everyone here understands that there are other things in our lives that need to be attended to and that does not necessarily mean that if some post infrequently or not at all that they become "outcasts" or not thought of. I am sure there are many that just "lurk"....not because they are not wellmeaning. Some people have the time to post regularly, some do not post at all but do read posts. Some are not comfortable with talking on the net....lets hope just reading our posts are of some support and comfort.
    For everyone in our "cancer cyberworld" we all have our reasons, as you do, to be here often, occassionally or just to read. No matter what bracket one falls into, realise one thing Patricia. We are ALL a part of a unique family who watch out for each other in our own special way. When I came here 2 years ago I posted very often. At that time I had no dea of my future prognosis(thankfully I am NED now)and had many hours of uncomfortable "chemo" hours to spend here. At that time and after surgery there were many hours available to me to come here. Now, time available is curtailed by work and "keeping my lovely Jen to the way she is accustomed..he!he!" I have absolutely no qualms about thinking that I am letting others down or not contributing enough.....and nor should you Patricia!
    Any input at any time is invaluable. Do what you can..when you can Patricia. Life goes on!
    huggs, kanga n Jen
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    I'm so glad for what you said in your post. I rarely post but read often and I also pray for all those that come here. So your post goes ditto for me
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    Sounds like you are about as real as it gets..
    thanks, Bud
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    Hi Patricia,
    What a touching post. Like Kanga, I found this site when I was in active treatment, and it was a lifesaver for me. I knew no one, except my now deceased dad, who has had colon cancer, and felt immediately welcomed and uplifted by folks here.
    Now that treament is behind me, I find that life is encroaching on the time I have to spend here. I often don't have time to check or respond to many posts, but I do what I can, and, like you continued to be touched by all the folks here in my virtual world who courageously deal with whatever life has dealt. Take care, Judy
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    Hello Patricia,

    Your post is very touching. I don't post often, I do read and I have found lots of comfort and answers. I have been NED for 2 years, and I still come here. I read, cry and pray and feel I know everyone. My church prays for everyone each week. Its a great place.

    Blessings to you,