Breast ca survivors who have had ovarian cancer??

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I'm a breast cancer survivor of 10 years. I am going to have surgery in a week to remove an enlarged ovary with the scare of ovarian cancer in the air.
I know they are linked...but how many breast cancer survivors have also experienced ovarian cancer?


  • roxanne53
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    Hi Jibber,

    I think I met you in the chatroom.
    I have not had this happen to me. I have had breast cancer 2ce. I am just wondering, it the link between these two cancers the estrogen receptors? I have not researched this. Also wondering what the rsks are of getting ovarian cancer after breast cancer.

    So this is good question that you have brought to the discussion board.
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    Like you, I know there is some kind of link between breast and ovarian cancers. My sister had ovarian cancer, so there was that history in my family when I developed tumors on my ovaries. My doctors discussed the possibility that it might be ovarian cancer. Ovarian surgery had already been scheduled when a routine breast exam showed a lump that turned out to be breast cancer. I was lucky in that all the ovarian tumors were benign, but I'm really glad that I had the bilateral oopherectomy performed. I had mine done laparoscopically (done 2 weeks after my lumpectomy) and I found it quite easy. How are you having yours done? Good luck with your surgery. I'm sending prayers that the result will be favorable one like mine.