CT; take 2

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Well, it is that time again. I got my repeat CT on Thursday... and now I wait for the results on Monday. I am asking for the good vibes to come flowing my way - chasing off any cancer!!

I had a scan 2 months ago which showed "activity" above my right hilar lymph nodes (in the lungs). I had a lung met removed 5/04 and would prefer NOT to do that again.... and now I wait. YUCK!!

I feel great!!! Completely normal. Great energy, working out 3-5x / wk. Trying to diet to get my weight down (don't worry, all a diet is to me is trying to skip dessert - which is VERY hard!!!)

Just need some love. thanks. jm


  • Moesimo
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    I hope that you receive good news next week. I will be praying for you.

  • taraHK
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    Hi Jana,
    The waiting is so hard. I am sending love and positive vibes your way 24/7. One of my favorite sayings is "feed the faith, starve the doubt" -- good luck with the starving (and I'm not talking about desserts now!) over the next few days. Please let us know when you hear the news. I'm thinking "clear lung" imagery for you.
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    I hate this waiting period!
    I am sending those good vibes your way. Look for them especially around 9:30 PM EST over the weekend (that's the time of day when i especially concentrate on sending positive thoughts to friends-including all those friends i've made here- and family who need it).
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    I wish you the absolute best for a clean scan result. You definitely deserve it!

  • HowardJ
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    Hi Jana,

    Wishing you good news.

  • kerry
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    The "wagons are circling around you". Lots of prayers and love area coming your way right now. Let us know how you are doing....

    I'm coming back to MDA on Sunday, Oct. 30 - Nov. 2 for more tests, scans - you know the ropes!! Hope to see you then.

    Hang in there, we are here for you.


  • Kanort
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    Hi Jana,

    Hopefully by this time tomorrow you will have received the news that we all wish for...NED. Sending well wishes, prayers, and love your way. Please let us know as soon as you learn about your results.


  • slammer
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    Hi Jana, I too hate the waiting for results. I finished chemo in July and we decided to have this CT scan here in Sept, must be my like 8th scan, honest, but hopefully my ab & pelvis will come back o.k. for now. Since I did chemo 2 times 6 months, once in 04 & then in o5 for 7 months I think we may have a handle on this colon re-occurance thanks to Avastin! so best to you and the results , think good & hang in there