My Sweetie is Hurting and I hate it

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well my husband Hayes is going through it. He asked for his chemo to be changed on FOLFOX w/Avistan as he cannot deal with the neuropathy he has it pretty bad. Well now his hands can hardly close as it so painful, does anyone know if this is normal? He will see his doc today, so that will be a main topic of conversation i am sure. I just have such a hard time seeing him suffer through this, its true the old saying, the cure is worse than the disease....... I keep positive around him, but while we are apart I feel so bad. Just wanted to vent a little, thanks for listening
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    Hi Debbie.

    Is Hayes currently taking Oxaliplatin? That's what causes me to have neuropathy, sensitivity to cold, and a few other nasty side effects. We started using a magnesium/calcium infusion before and after the Oxaliplatin that helps ... a LOT it helps! Maybe, if he is using that drug, and hasn't tried the magnesium/calcium, he could give it a try.

    Either way, good luck with everything.

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    UGH. so sorry he is experiencing all this! Try and remain positive aroung him, but let him be grumpy if he needs it.

    Come here ANYTIME to vent. It is what we're here for.

    Most of the side effects improve once the drugs are stopped, but some take a while. Hopefully Hayes will get better quickly.

    Thinking of you. jana
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    I've had the neuropathy for over a year; the Neurontin does help - I believe it was originally given FOR seizures..anyway, they discovered that it helps with neuropathy. You might want to research it on Bud