Not sure if my dad has EC - help

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My father has been having trouble with swallowing, specifically meat, for a while now, probably close to a year. He is a heavy smoker and drinker, which I have read is a major contributer to this type of cancer, for obvious reasons. He does not take care of himself, never goes to the doctor. I know what the symptoms are, and he has some, but if he truly has this, and he goes untreated, how long would he had to live and is it painful? I'm really worried. I just don't think I can get him to go see anyone. Thanks for any information.


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    I would encourage you to contact the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center. Cancer Information Specialists are available 24 hours a day. They can assist you with medical information and resources. They can be reached at 1-800-227-2345.

    Take care and be well,

    CSN Dana
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    When my husband first had symptoms, he had trouble with red meat and bread. Every time he would eat one or the other, he would get the hicups and then vomit. He went through chemo and radiation and then an 8 hour surgery. He went from about 185lbs. to 130 lbs. He hasn't gained any weight back (it's been 13 months since surgery), and he has very little energy, but at least he's still here!

    I pray every day that it doesn't show back up somewhere else. THere is a 15% chance of a 5 year survival rate with this cancer.

    Get your dad to a DR!
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    I would highly recommend you get him to go to the Dr. Then I would highly recommend you get the Dr. to do an Upper GI series and Barium Swallow.

    My husband had been complaining to our Dr. about indegestion and stomach upset and pain for at least 8 months. She just kept giving him antacids. He went to Emerg last week where he has been diagnosed with Cancer. He's had it for over a year!