A friend with cancer

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I actually had hodgkins stage II B over a year ago and had my AVBD and radiation and am now in remission.I still get weird twinges and pains in my neck and chest, but have been told not to worry so I just try and get on with things with a positive outlook. What this is actually about though is my friend. I can't believe what fate, or just damn bad luck had thrown at us, but now she has cancer too. I'm so upset that someone I know will have to go through the same worries and fears, and lets face it, serious health risks, that I did/do. I'm sorry, I guess there's no point here really. Just it sucks. I think I thought I'd be the only one,at least until we all started getting older - I'm 27 she 34. Now's the time to be strong for her and remember all the great things people said to me. A lot of them from here. Perhaps I'll recommend it.


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    HI I had stage 11B 7yrs back . I also had strange pains after my treatments, pains that would drive me crazy thinking there is something else going on too. Well you'll learn to ignore it with time. Maybe we just become too cautious after cancers and notice slight aches and pains. I know how it feels liketo see someone you like in pain. I am so scared now that if someone I know has even minor pain or is sick I can't tolerate it and get worried. I don't like hospital visits either. But you just have to deal with it and live on...Sorry for your friend, do try to give her your fullest suopport and strength, thats what she needs most.Hope you both are doing good.