Elevated CEA

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Hi everyone, I have been reading messages for four years now. My CEA was recently confirmed elevated and I am three weeks into the one month wait for a retake. If still elevated I will be getting the dreaded CT. We all have been there. I have read the messages regarding CEA results and it helps alot, and I do not feel so alone. I have two small children and my husband is my best friend. They do their best to keep me preoccupied during these times. I use to hike alot and miss it very much. I was 36 when I was diagnosed with Stage II, had surgery and chemo, ended up with neuropathy and fibromyalgia after. I thought I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...but it must be going out! Just kidding, I just hate the thought of more surgery and chemo. But if thats what it takes then thats what it takes. Wish me luck!


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    I know it's nerve-wracking to await those test results. Seems like we can put it all out of our minds until we have to undergo more tests, and then it all comes back. Keep in mind that an elevated CEA in and of itself doesn't necessarily mean bad news. There are other things that can elevate CEA levels. Please keep us informed about your CT scan.

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    Let us know how things turn out--good luck. I'm also a stage II so have a keen interest in hearing how stage II's do over time.
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    Yep, we all play the waiting game. I hope the next CEA is undectable!!

    Stay strong and try to relax a little. Go on some smaller walks/hikes - just to get outside and enjoy the air!

    Keep us posted. jana