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I got my PET/CT results today. Several weeks ago I had five liver mets, and now they are all gone. But there is some kind of "activity" in my rectal area, so tomorrow I get a special examination to see what's up with that. But the doc was really happy about the liver. I'm holding my enthusiasm to see what's up with the rectal activity.



  • ron50
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    Hi Rodney,
    Great news on the liver mate, at least the plumbing is easier to fix,hang in there ,best of luck, Ron.
  • HisJoy
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    Yeeeeaaa, Rodney!! About time you got some good news! I'm rejoicing about your liver results. Keep us posted on the "rectal activity."

  • jana11
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    I wanted to congratulations on the site also!!!!! Try not to worry about the "activity" - and definately let us know the final results. Could be scar/inflammation.

    Anyhow... you need to party like a rock star (one that is on chemo, but a star just the same.)

    Be well. jana
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    Great news on the liver! Good luck with the rectal "activity".
  • BusterBrown
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    Hi Rodney,
    No more liver lesions, that's huge!!! You and I have lots of similarities. I was dx in Dec 04 w/ stage IV crc w/ liver mets,(3lesions), after 3 doses the lesions were gone and have yet to return. Good work, and keep it up, you are an inspiration to all...
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    great news on the liver, will hope for the same for the other area. Celebrate
    aka "The English Chick