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well my husband saw oncologist last Friday, and it was decided to stop the Folfox cocktail, as he is suffering pretty bad with the neuropathy (had 6 treatments one every two weeks).

So the plan now is CT Scan Wednesday (scary time) then Friday go in for chemo onc will have made decision as to what at that time, he will also stop let him know the outcome of the Scan. The worst part is I will not be there Friday as my hubby wants to do the chemo thing alone as he usually sleeps and it takes such a long time to administer 4-5 hours. So I will have to rely on his version of the report which i know will not be the best. So i believe i will be emailing his nurse to get the full story. Just wondering if anyone has changed their cocktail from Folfox w/Avastin to another cocktail (sounds like a big liquor party, all the cocktails...just had to add humour) any input would be great,
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    Greetings! I, too, had FOLFOX w/ Avastin (last treatment is next Tues!), and also had a lot of trouble with the neuropathy, which CAN become permanent if it's let go. My oncologist first tried giving me a schedule of every THREE weeks, as opposed to every 2 weeks, and then added a calcium/magnesium drip to my regimen and that helped a while. Finally, we had to totally take the oxaliplatin (the one that causes the neuropathy) out for the last 2 treatments because of the reaction of my liver, but I notice that the feeling is coming back in my fingers and the tingling isn't as bad after nearly a month away from the drug. We're just going to finish off the FOLFOX w/Avastin WITHOUT the oxaliplatin for the last two treatments, but at least I made it this far. I will continue on Avastin alone for another year. Wonder if your oncologist would consider these modifications instead of totally scrapping the FOLFOX treatment?