Rectal/Vaginal fistula - Adding muscle to rectum

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My 34 year old daughter had stage 2/3 rectal cancer diagnosed March 30, 2004. She underwent chemo and radiation for six weeks prior to surgery in Aug. 2004. She then went through another 5 months of chemo as a procaution, as they found no lymph involvement even though they suspected there was before her first chemo/radiation. Her tumor was right at her rectum and the surgery did remove part of her rectal muscle. She had an iliostomy for 11 months and had that reversed 3 months ago. She has just developed a fistula between her rectal and vaginal wall. Has anyone had this surgery to correct this opening and how successful was this? Is there anything we should know before this is performed? Her doctor is out of town this weekend and he doesn't know about this fistula. I want to be prepared and informed. I am the main caregiver to my Daughter and she is so scared. They are talking about adding muscle to her remaining rectal muscle to help her be continent, which she has been able to reach yet. She is willing to try anything to avoid having her bag back. Can anyone help me?


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    I just want to say that I am very sorry for what your daughter has had to go through. I am 35, not too much older than her. I have had a different scenario than she has. My cancer was in the Sigmoid colon and I did not have the bag.......So I do not really have any experience with this topic. I hope that someone who does will reply soon. Perhaps you have gotten some more advice from the doc, now that it is Monday.
    I hope so.....I can tell you that no lymph node involvement is great news! I hope that eveything turns out well with your daughters surgery to correct the fistula and the rectal muscles. Is there any physical therapy that would help? I mean exercises that you can do to strengthen the muscles?
    Just a thought.
    Best of luck to you from a fellow young cancer survivor.