anyone turn down radiation

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im looking for anyone who has passed on having radiation due to long term side effects&2nd cancers. i have stage 4 hd and my doc said(in the beginning) he wouldnt use radiation because theres to many spots but after 6months of mopp&abvd,my last pet/ct scans showed all clear but my lungs(the docs not sure if its active or scar tissue)so now he said after two more chemos he that he might try radiation . i feel theres to many 2nd cancers&side effects from radiation..all done" just in case". anyone agree? adelinak6@aol thanks


  • kiren
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    I had HD stage 11B. I had surgery followed by ABVD and radiation. My chest area also showed some activity after the treatment but my doc said that it might be infection or scar tissue. He did give me rads because he said that HD is curable and in order to make sure that it doesn't come back the treatment should be agressive. As a result I am HD free 7yrs now. But I should tell you that I got diagnosed with Tongue cancer a year before, this is not related to HD or any treatment of HD or rads either. I asked my docs and its a mystery for them too why I got tongue ca when I didn't have any risk factors. Maybe they are thinking about repressed immune system. Anyway I hope I have answered your concerns. Take care. I don't think I really have any major side effects from only rads except for the fact that if I inhale any chemicals like housecleaners I have difficulty breathing so I try not to use any strong ones.
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    I had very large doses of radiation for stage 4 HD, in 1972. I am 54 now and have had 2 heart attacks, and open heart surgery. My lungs are pretty funky too. Chronic Bronchitis every winter. That was quite a few years ago. I am sure they have perfected the procedure some what since then. TALK WITH YOUR MD. Remember there is always some kind of side effect from any treatment.It is part of the price we pay. Good luck to you in whatever you decide. I would do it again if I went back.I would not be able to now though because of the amt. they game me then. Be strong. Peace out.pmunyer
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    I didn't turn down the radiation because it was an extra precautionary step-if I do develop a secondary cancer, I'll deal with it then. I'm happy to be here today, in the present-I'll deal with the future when I have to (IF I should develop a 2nd cancer)