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I just read an article from the International Journel of Cancer by Dr. Janet Stanford that indicates drinking a glass of red wine a day reduces the risk of prostate cancer...the compound, resveratrol, is an antioxidant that helps sweep cancer causing free radicals from the body...Does anyone think this has validity?


  • lindatn
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    We don't drink the wine but do take a pill of reveratrol, not sure if it will help with the prostate cancer or bc but sure will help the heart to stay healthy. That is probably why the French have few heart attacks dispite eating very rich food. It is a great antitoxin and that maybe why it can help for cancer. Linda
  • Peter51
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    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer Aug 2004. I had RP October 2004. I started late in life drinking alcohol, post 30, and later still red wine. I drank red wine daily, one glass with diner for about five years. This was during the years just prior to my diagnosis??? If this suggestion has any truth, it wasn't of much help to me unless my treatable PC would have been worse without the red wine? I would find this even more incredible to believe.
  • omarisan
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    Stuart, I have been drinking red wine for years and, like several of the other folks who posted here, I still came down with PC. Perhaps its because I have been drinking the stuff that comes in a five liter box that costs $8.00 rather than the more costly wine.