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Hello Friend, I have not posted for awhile but have been reading all the posts off and on. I just read your answer to the lymph node discussion. I totally agree with you and I wish I had not removed any lymph nodes. My surgeon explained to me that the procedure was PURELY DIAGNOSTIC. I had two different surgeons from the same office. The first surgeon, a male, removed the tumor and the second surgeon, a woman did the sentinel node biopsy. I asked my female surgeon if she thought the nodes had to come out because they contained cancer cells that could spread or if Doctors were just looking for information on how the nodes reacted. She said "both". Now, five years later,I think I made a wrong choice. Jean Miller and I discussed this in many emails. I miss Jean and think of her every day. You always give thoughtful advice and am glad you are still posting. Hugs, Nancy


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    Thank you Nancy. Believe it or not I have a node growing back in the area where they removed 27!
    And that was 5 years ago!
    I am probably the only cancer patient excited to find a lymph node!
    At any rate, my mission is to spread this "philosophy" around to as many as possible until one day either they will PROVE me wrong, or someone will prove me right, or enough patients will think about it and common sense will prevail and we will make them change "standard procedure". You know me, always up for a good challenge. LOL
    I too miss Jean; it is good to hear from you my friend!
    God bless.
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    It was interesting that I came across this posting. I am very sorry about your friend who has passed. It took me aback to read that, as my name also is Jean Miller. I was diagnosed in January of this year, and have just completed surgery and treatments. I had 16 nodes removed, and I too have just wondered if that was all necessary. The sentinnel node in my case was positive, so I am thankful they found that out. The surgeon really did not answer, why 16? (vs 5 or 32), other than to say he 'wanted to be sure". I am interested to see what I can find on this topic elsewhere. Good luck to you and take care.