robotic/lap. recomendations, please.

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I was diagnosed in late July. After much research I've decided my best alternative is surgery: a Gleason of 8, at least 3 positive sites on the moderately enlarged prostate, PSA of 4.5 and 54 years young.

I'm inclined to got w/the robotic lap. but have several questions to resolve: how much experience should a Dr. have to be considered "competent" w/this technique? Can they get a good enough section of the lymph nodes for post op. biopsy? If I select and "out of town" Dr. how (w/whom) do I handle f/u visits?

W/enough constructive input I hope to make a final decision this week and have the surgery w/in a month.

Any help or advise is appreciated.



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    Hey Bob,
    I'm sorry for your bad news, but i'm glad to see your moving along in the right direction.
    I was diagnosed back in the spring w' a PSA of 6.6, I'm 52 years of age.
    I too was considering laproscopic surgery because it just seemed a bit more attractive than the regular radical prostatectomy, however I ended up having the regular surgery because I was quite im pressed w' the surgeon I chose ( Dr R. Greenberg @ Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, Pa )even though I found out he did not do the laproscopic, which I was led to believe he did.
    I guess there's a blessing in all that, because after having surgery on Aug. 11 and initial biopsies showing no spreading to the lymph nodes, post surgery biopsies of frozen nodes showed some microscopic (<---a good thing microscopic ) cancer cells.
    I can't help but wonder if they might have missed this using the laproscopic.
    Anyway, having said all that and confusing you even more, I'm presently doing well, recovering slowly but surely. Expect to have some bad moments during recovery but remember that those moments are not for ever, they are just moments.
    It sounds like your educating yourself and doing the research, and as confusing as it can all be, you can't know too much about this disease.
    One recommendation I can make is visit the chat room in here. there's a lot of great people to be met there w' lots of knowledge and warm hearts. Hope to see you in there sometime.
    Please let us know what you decide and keep us up to date.

    Blessed Be
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    Hi Bobin,

    I, like Jeff, elected to have the RP, however I was 58 at the time. I did choose to use a surgeon out of town (250 miles away). Once I was dismissed (Surgery Thurs, dismissed Sat, drove home on Sunday)rode 5 hours home. Had catheter removed 10 days later at local hospital. Did not see surgeon until 6 week check up.

    Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

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    Godd Luck with your decision but let me give you a little research I have found on robotic surgery, specifically the Divinci Robotic.

    I was diagnosed April 2004 and after 3-4 months of deep research I took a watchful waiting until the last 6 weeks. MyGleason wa 6, average psa 5.1 and sopposedly confined to the right side of the gland. I know I need to make a decision like yourself and I have explored seeds and surgery and decided that surgery is my best approach to get it out and get that path report so that I can see that it didn't leave the gland.

    I spoke with survivors of the robotics and even talked with my surgeon who doesn't do the robotic and they seem to all agree that it is here to stay. You get 5 small cuts in the abdomen instead of a large incision. It is a 4 1/2 hour opperation but the results are less blood, smaller stay in hospital, lesser time with a catheter, and with the 10 time magnification of the robotic, they can better se where they cut the nerves. I am looking favorably at this treatment and all I can offer you is my research. There was one negative sugested by another surgeon in that there might be a problem with coagulation, which is the clotting of the blood around the nerves, so I am exploring and asking more questions on this.

    Godd luck in your choice. I hope I can finalize my treatment and get on with my life.

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    listen to this webcast the URL is
    Hope that i'm not too late with this information. I had open but would have liked robotic, it was not possible in my case. see a later question(above) with additional information in my reply.
    Good Luck!