Vitamin D and Painkiller

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This may not be the correct place to post this, but I'll do it anyway. There is a very interesting article at the link below which discusses hor Vitamin D and Painkiller Slow Prostate Cancer.


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    Unlike a lot of people who participate here you seem to be paying attention to the world around you. Yes, both natural Vitamin D and the family of muscle relaxants / painkillers to which ibuprofen belongs have mild anti-cancer effects. The recent news was that a cocktail of therapeutic doses of natural Vitamin D (available only by prescription) combined with a muscle relaxant retarded prostate cancer growth by 70%, far greater than either of the ingredients alone.

    What I find particularly disturbing is that most of the clinical practitioners like my urologist pay no attention to anything that isn't a pharmaceutical, surgery or radiation.

    I'm also peeved at what appears to be gross exploitation of cancer patients, mostly by the pharmaceutical industry. About the same time I started on Lupron last year, the largest settlement of a pharmaceutical fraud case in U.S. history was announced and -- you guessed it -- it involved the manufacturer of Lupron. It also involved doctors who charged patients for administering free samples of Lupron.