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I was diagnose 1/04 with Stage IC LMP. Looking to find anyone who was diagnose with the same stage and type tumor. My only treatment was surgery, since it was caught so early. I'm really gratefull for that, but would like to meet someone who had the same. Most women I have met have all been Stage III or IV. I have a really good gyn oncologist, he is on the top 10 list. I go to Gilda's Club which has been a great help, since no one in my family had ovarian or any friends. Accept for one friend, but she was diagnose over 8 years ago. I wish there were more public awareness about this disease, as they do for breast cancer, it seems like there isn't enough. Hope to here from someone who has had the same type as me. I do highly recommend Gilda's Club. Thanks and wish the best for everyone.


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    You mean I am not alone, either? Nice to meet you, LBruno. I was diagnosed in January of this year. In December of 04, I had surgery to remove what ended up being a 3 lb. tumor, which ended up being LMP. She ruptured it during surgery, so I had to have a radical hysterectomy with OC staging. By the grace of God, the biopsies came back clean, so I go back every 3 months. What is the Gilda's Club? I've not heard of it. I have had a terrible time finding support closeby because there do not seem to be support groups for us!! This site has been awesome. I hope to hear from you!! God Bless, Skyblue
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    Please call the chapter of the American Cancer Society and see if they can recommend a support group for you! The group I go to is small, but we're all dedicated to each other, and LBRUNO is lucky to have a Gilda's Club close by-we don't have one in our area.

    Breast cancer affects about 10x the women that ovarian cancer does, and it's still not the leading cause of death (that's heart disease) in women, so it gets a lot more coverage than ovarian cancer.

    It helps to let people know the symptoms via letters to the editor (as BonnieR has suggested), or through events. If anyone has a suggestion for fundraising other than a walk, I'd like to hear them.