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I just figured I'd give you an update since my onocologist visit. I had my transanal excision on the 25th of August and I am still so uncomfortable. Has anyone on here had one and been this uncomfortable? I wasn't this miserable with my liver resection. Anyway at the oncologist on Friday he really wants to wait and see what happens. Kinda scary. Having just had blood work, MRI, and a recent PET only showing up this small rectal area he has decided he thinks its best to just keep a close eye on me rather then putting me through more chemo. He feels even if he were to give me chemo now how would he even check to see if it were working and what would he be treating. So as happy as I was to not be going back on chemo I feel so scared that I am wide open for these little cells to attack. D ~


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    hi doreen!

    Even if your onc isn't going to "do" anything other than watch and wait there is plenty that you can do!




    GO FOR IT!!

    peace, emily
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    Hi Doreen,
    I am on a break from chemo because the lesions on my lungs haven't gotten significantly smaller after 6 months of chemo, so the onc felt I now had "stable disease". Believe me I was (and still am) a bit nervous about coming off chemo, but also a bit relieved. I'll have a cat scan first week of oct.
    I agree with Emily. There is still plenty you can do. You can take control by looking into diet changes as she suggests, plus there's also things like prayer and/or visualization (i picture rainshowers melting away any cancer cells that might try to arrive and i picture the rainshowers soothing any sore or uncomfortable areas-of which there are many!).
    Not sure what kind of discomfort you're having after the transanal excision, but I hope it gets better for you soon.
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    My husband had this same type of surgery and was very uncomfortable for a few weeks after surgery. It will pass. He did do chemo for 2 months after surgery, Xeloda.
    You are in my prayers.