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My mom had a surgery last monday. The surgery went very well and my mother had a full recovery in 6 days. No complications at all. They found 12/15 lymphnodes positive. The next step is chemo that would be administered on the 6th. It is 5FU+Camptosar. Are there any other scans or anything that needs to be done before the chemo starts ? The onco said 5FU + Campostar is the common start for most chemos and depending on the respose they will try other drugs. is it true ? I have read everywhere that FOLFOX/AVASTIN is the 1st line for metastatic colon cancer. Please advice.


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    I have also heard that FOLFOX/Avastin is the first line treatment, however I was given FOLFIRI which I think is the same as your monm for my only chemo regime. I also had metastic (liver mets)cancer.
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    It is good to hear that your mom has done so well after her resection. I had 3 out of 31 nodes positive and I received Folfox. Avastin was not available when I began chemo in November 03. It has been my observation that one's treatment regimen is dependent on many variables. Keep us posted on how your mother does.

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    Glad you mom is doing so well!!! I had 3/13 lymph nodes and I did xeloda (oral 5FU) and camptosar. When I got a lung met I did xeloda and oxaliplatin. I didn't even get avastin with my lung met, because it was a solitary met. Avastin is usually given for multiple mets in stage 4 patients.

    When I did my first bit of chemo, my onc told me we were being aggressive using both xeloda and camptosar because I only had 3 positive lymph nodes. They usually give it for 4 or more lymph nodes.

    Sounds like your mom is getting good care. Ask the onc. for reports explaning the chemo regime, and keep asking questions. No one will be a better advocate then you!! Keep your guard up, but trust the docs. :)

    Good luck to you and your mom. jana