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OK my doctor says don't worry but I can't help it. What do you all think, my count 4 months ago was 17 it was checked Monday and it is 26.2 it is still within the 0-30 range so I guess I should'nt worry. They say unless I am having some symtoms not to worry. Well what do you all think of this, 7 months ago I went to see my onc. and he was in surgery so I saw a resident, she examined me and thought she saw something suspicious so she did a biopsy came back said she didnt get enough and did it again, she hurt me really bad, but you think they should know what they are doing, well I have had problems with spotting ever since then and it is because where she biopsied has not healed. It has bothered me for awhile and just wanted alittle input. Hope everyone is doing well, You all are in my prayers. God Bless, Jan


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    Hi Jan, can understand you being worried but to give you a peace of mind ask them if you can do another ca125 in 4-6 weeks instead of 4 months and that will tell you if its microscopic cancer coming back or just a normal fluxuation.

    Sorry to hear about the awful care you got during the biopsy. Have you told your Dr about the spotting, you shouldn't still be spotting from it. Especially if it's been 7 months... Call you Dr or Nurse adn talk to them.

    You are in my prayers, and please post an update on what the doc says and how you are doing.

    Prayers and Hugs BonnieRose
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    Jan, I would be worried too. I'm not saying that you should be worried. During my chemo my CA125 was being checked every 3 wks. The last one I had jumped just 4 points. Sept 13 my CA125 will be checked again for the first time in over 3 mos. I can't help but worry a little also. I think that it is a normal response though. Just don't worry about worrying because I know that can't be good. Best of Luck, Paula
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    Amazing how these numbers can cause us such anxiety, but they do. I understand completely how you feel. I am a 5 year survivor and I'm always waiting for those results with baded breath. But the bottom line, according to my doctor, is they look for radical changes, or at least watch the fluctuations. It's all about the 'norm' for you. For example, my first CA125 was 48, not too bad, but surgery followed and cancer was discovered. After surgery it went up to 99 (that was expected). Monthly BT's after that, along with chemo, showed a steady decline. After chemo my levels averaged 14-19. I even had a one-time low of 11. I was so happy! Now, this past year, they have gone from 19 to 23 to 20 to 21 to 22 to 21, etc., etc. My regular CT scans, exams and other tests show nothing (thank God!), so we just continue with the tests, especially in the absence of any symptomology. It is when your baseline, or what's typical for you, goes up dramatically or even consistently and doesn't come down. This is not the most reliable tool, but is helpful. At least it gives a reason to check things out further to rule out problems. This level can change for other reasons too - infections (even a simple cold), stress, etc. For me, my levels go down dramatically when I exercise regularly to boost my testosterone levels (I could elaborate, but will save that if you want to hear about it later). Nonetheless, I still get edgey too when my levels change. So, I'll keep up prayers for you (as I do everyone out there!) and please keep us informed. It sure wouldn't hurt to have your levels checked more often. And certainly contact your doctor regarding the spotting.
    Take care and God Bless.
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    Thank you so much for your replys, you all always make me feel better than my doctor does, lol. I am always so thankful for you. I wil go back to the doctor in Dec. so unless something really changes I am not going to worry, because I am sure stress looking back probably played a part in the numbers, I had just moved my daughter into the dorm, she is a freshman in college and I miss her dearly, but I realize this is the natural course, it is so exciting and sad for her mama, shes my buddy, my husband was also in the middle of a job change, the company he had been with 22 years was bought out and they came in and let him go, but God has been so faithful he has already blessed Larry with a better job, it is really a testimony because the way it came about everyone around can just see God's hand all over it! Praise God. Well God Bless you all and thank you for listening. love Jan