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I have been briefly told in 1 sentence line from a few of these DRs that I work with that radiation to the pelvic area for colon cancer is rarely used. One GI DR who does not know my case stated they only do radiation to the rectum with colon cancer not the pelvis. I told this DR. I had no choice. THe tumor was adhered to the back of the urterer tube on the right side which was shaved down. Surgical clips placed for target of radiation. I would like to know what he would do if he was in my situation. After this incident that happened to me on Tuesday during the scoping, I am seriously thinking of not going for this double re-connection in at all. I really have to think about this. I know there are many of you semi-colons out there who had pelvic radiation. I am asking for some advice and would appreciate some suggestions. To top it all I am anemic as my bone marrow is not making red blood cells in the pelvis. I am not rushing by no means into major surgery.


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    Hi Fran,
    I can't understand why the doc's would tell you that they rarely do pelvic radiation, especially in NY. You know my story and I had about 36 pelvic radiation treatments. My tumor was also on my ureter which they shaved down as close as they could. I only had diarreah as a complication from the radiation, and I had a colostomy bag at the time, so it wasn't much of a problem. I would seek another opinion if I were you, I can only tell you what I experienced. Good luck, and keep us posted.

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    Radiation is a common treatmetn for CRC. I don't know who the docs you are talking to base their opinions on... but continue talking to more docs. You are in a different class because of the bone marrow issues. Talk to different radiation oncologists.

    In addition, radiation increases risk of lymphoma/leukemia in about 10-20 yrs after treatment. BUT it also works well in treating cancer.

    Think about what your goals are: cure (the obvious), but at what costs. If you get a better chance at cure with radiation, but increase risk of other problems... etc. You need to talk to many specialists to get a better idea of which treatments will help you best achieve your goals. Once you make up your mind, stand by your decision.

    I wish you the best. Good luck. jana