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Hello everyone. Even though I do not post often, I do read the message board. I recently was scoped on Tuesday. It has been two years since being dx.with Stage 4 colon cancer,8/20 nodes positive. Ascending colon down to the terminal ileum removed and sigmoid colon removed. Was left with an illesostomy on the right side, a rectal stump and part of the descending colon and transverse colon which has been disconnected hoping in one day to be re-connected. I had great news that day. There was no sign of re-occurance and nothing to biopsy. I had an upper endoscopy where the DR.went down past the duodendum and into the jujenum. He scoped the rectum, and for the first time went into the stoma which is part of the disconnected colon and scoped. When I left the office I did notice alot of air in my shoulder and also my neck become swollen and my voice changed like I sucked in helium. I did go to work the next day. I work in a local hospital. One of the nurses stated it was not normal to have air in the neck and called the DR. I was admitted for a possible preforation. They did Xrays and catscans and it showed air in the abdominal,pelvic and chest all the way up to the neck. The Drs. said it was coming from either of the two stumps. Most likely the remaining colon. It was a microscopic tear where the air leaked out. I was admitted and put on Ivs and antibiotics. Thank God the small intestine was not preforated where the stool could leak out and cause serious problems. It was resolved. The GI DR. stated when the colon and rectal stump are not being used it can become friable. I stayed for a couple of nites and was discharged yesterday. The catscan which was done of chest, abdominal and pelvis also should no masses. I will take the news of NED over another bump in the road.


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    Hi Fran,
    I am so glad everything turned out good for you and congratulations on you NED!! :) I too, just received some good news. I haven't had any blood work for 4 mos. I had it, and everything is normal! We are all so blessed. Good luck to you and to everyone on this board. May we all remain NED!!!!

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    LOVE hearing stories about NED! Congrats and many years of health to you!
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    Congratulations...very happy for your good news. Sorry though to hear about the complications...ugh that must have been a strange experience. But like you said, it is a minor bump compared to your great news. 2 years down....that is a big hurdle!!! I think I have heard that most recurrences happen in the first two years. Again so happy for you and your loved ones.

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    Ahoy, FRANTIC -

    So, does that mean you're full of hot air? You're a bag of wind? Talk about having gas!!

    Hey, great news on the NED - congrats!! Keep her so!


    - SpongeBob
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    Sorry to hear about the complications. Congrats on being NED. Livin
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    Hi Frantic, glad to hear the good news. I hope to hear more good news from everyone here.

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    Wow!! That't the toughest NED story yet! I hope you are feeling great now and celebrating!! I love hearing success stories of my stage 4 pals.